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Cloud Hosting

As of August 2010, we switched from a dedicated server to cloud hosting.

Reasons why cloud hosting is better than a dedicated server:

1. Management - all the hardware is handled. Technicians monitor, patch, and support the entire platform. A large group of servers powers the sites and if one fails, it is removed automatically.

2. Scaling - it scales automatically. A traffic spike to one site triggers more servers to tackle the load and handle all the requests.

3. Storage - Files are served from redundant, enterprise NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. With redundant drives, controllers, and power supplies, the likelihood of experiencing data loss or unavailability is greatly reduced.

4. Support - the cloud platform was architected and built by professionals who are intimately familiar with the technology involved and provide an amazing level of support. They provide 24x7 phone and internet support.

Supports both Linux, and Windows

Linux Technologies

  • Debian + Red Hat
  • Apache v1.3 + v2.2
  • PHP v5.2
  • Perl v5.8
  • MySQL v5
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled

Windows Technology

  • Windows 2008 Server
  • MS SQL 2008
  • .NET v2, v3, & v3.5 SP1
  • IIS 7