More about the company

To develop mutually beneficial relationships with people interested in creating and maintaining a professional, affordable web presence.

I Am Designs is committed to creating and maintaining a personal and professional model of Organic Synergy, where the personal philosophy of the individual is respected while working for collective good.



In 2000, Maureen realized that her education, experience, and personal beliefs made self-employment the only sensible course of action. She has worked hard to combine the following into a sustainable, enjoyable lifestyle.

8 years of working with like-minded clients has provided some insight into the profile of an I Am Designs client:

- Small to medium sized businesses
- Clear vision of company image, whether new or existing business
- A need for interactive, evolving web site design and maintenance
- Independent by nature (some clients want to learn in-house web site maintenance)

Open communication, a non-competitive atmosphere and a dedication to win-win situations empowers clients to make safe, well-informed choices about the level of service they receive.

Maureen and the entire "I Am Designs" team are uniquely suited to serving this clientele, because they too run businesses that fit this description!


2008 marks the eighth year of operation for this company. I Am Designs has adopted an Organic Synergy model - a way of combining the energy of individuals into a system that is mutually beneficial to all. (see definitions in the company blog)

Maureen has worked hard to bring together a group of like-minded, independent entrepreneurs. They are highly skilled in their respected professions, and have agreed to combine their professional talents to serve your needs as a small business owner. In this organization there is no “boss” or “employee”. See our menu of services to see what we can offer your business.

Each team member operates independently which minimizes overhead and administration costs. They are Entrepreneurs, with ingrained understanding of what it takes to start and develop a sustainable company. As a team, they firmly believe access to technology shouldn't be based solely on a company's profit margin. Even though the combined professional training and experience you access through I Am Designs could easily command double the current rates, it isn't the way Organic Synergy works. As a team, our goals include win-win situations and mutual profitability.


What does the future look like at I Am Designs? Maureen and the rest of the team envision a world of passionate business and wholistic wellness. We intend to grow together as a group, as well as individually. We would one day like to be the "norm", not by emulating big business, but by helping small, simple businesses become a bigger part of a sustainable national and international economy.